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How to Get Notified When Your Article get Indexed by Google | Google Alerts

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Hello viewers how are you, i hope you are doing great. Welcome to my blog Tech Aadi. Did you also search your article after posting it that it get indexed or not... Then this article is for you.

Today we are going to see How to Get notified when your article get indexed by Google. Yes this feature is given by Google but most of the people i think don't know about this.

How to Get Notified When Your Article get Indexed by Google | Google Alerts

Benefits of this is you will get a email from Google after the post is indexed on google. You don't have to manually search the Google with the post title or keywords or not even you have to go on Google Search Console for checking the post is indexed or not. Google will simply notify you about the article when it will get indexed. Below is the screenshot provided of Google notifiying through email.

Google Alert Notification for Your Site

This is a very easy process you can create as many as you want alerts for your website. So let's start the process of Adding Alerts for your blog.

Get Notified When Your Article get Indexed by Google

So please follow the below given steps carefully to fully understand and add your site in the alert list for receiving the notifications.

Step 1 :- Click and go to the url given here it's is of the Google alert page url for creating the  alerts

Add Here Your Site

Step 2 :- After that paste your site url like this given "" code in the Create an alert about... given section.

Add your site like these

Step 3 :- Now click on the Show option besides the Create Alert button. A dropdown will open.

Show Options For Google Alert

Step 4 :- Now select all the options as per your requirements. I will suggest my settings as below. Click on it and change it as given below.

How often : As-it-happens
Sources : Automatic
Language : English
Region : Any Region
How Many : All results
Deliver to :

Step 5 :- After completing above steps Now you can click on Create Alert button.

Click on Create Alert

Finally you have completed all the steps and created Alerts for your blog. Now on from next time if you written any blog post and when it will get indexed you will get notified.

So I hope you have successfully understand all the process and steps related to this post. Kindly do contact us if you get any probelm. We will surely try to help you.


So I hope you find this article very useful and we learnt how to get notified when your article get indexed by Google. Do comment below for any query. Thanks for visiting us. Please do visit again for more amazing post like this.

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