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Does Blog Commenting In Blogger Help Seo - Will It Increase Ranking Of Blog

Blog Commenting doesn't increase your rank because Blogger's comment system is treated as a nofollow. So spamming will damage your blog reputation.
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Blog Commenting in blogger doesn't help SEO now and it won't increase ranking of blog. As only dofollow backlinks (link without attribute) will affect our blog's ranking.

The blogger commenting system will automatically put a nofollow attribute in any comment with link. It is just same as the nofollow hyperlink quora backlinks we told you.

Whenever we put a comment with link in someone's blog, it will be treated as nofollow. However, most of the blogging platforms are now equipped with nofollow attributes in thier comment sections (not only blogger comment sections).

However spamming your link in someone's comments section is very bad and pointless. You can see in the below given picture that Blogger Comments section insert a nofollow attribute to links :

Image Credit :SofanMax

So now as you can see above. The following trick which used to be use as rankings now spamming link will not wok. It is an outdated Search Engine Optimization method.

I am not telling it didn't worked previously. In the past it worked as charisma but google got smarter day by day with the link attributes. Now it is very easy to detect link manipulation.

But as of now a lots of bloggers who just started in this field still believe this method to be working and do blog commenting. Its just an old trick which is not working but a lot of people fall for it.

I urge to people that do not belive in putting links and spamming others comments section for your purpose of ranking your site. It is just nit going to happen.

Do nofollow backlinks in blogger comment is useful?

From this aricle of quora, we can know that backlink created from quora is still useful with nofollow attribute. So, do nofollow backlinks in blogger comment is useful? Unfortunately, it is not so but continue this reading to know more about it.

When you insert a backlink in quora it is of nofollow attritube but it will get upvoted by n numbers of times if people like the answer and also recommended to other users. In that may if its gets popular the blog link can se seen by n number of people.

But, however in Blogger the comments with link is of no use because it will not get recommended and only commenters who are commenting they will see the link. And nowadays, people are not willing to click on links beacuse of links forwaring into spam websites.

But, there is a trick Blogger owner may decide to remove the comments that has link to any spam websites. Most blogger including me removes the outbound link because the links could be harmful to other.

Blogger's blig owner however or any blog owners will try to keep thier visitor's inside their blog al long as can and therefore, hence outbound link may lead visitors go away from the blog. So it is not much recommended.

By the way you can leave a comment with no links in it and it good for your blog also. A friendly comment will not only allow visitors to your blog but also recommended by blog owners. The owners and visitors may approach your website beacuse of the good comment and politeness.

How can we use Blogger Comments Section more accurately

You can leave a polite and good comment and without spamming with a thankyou. You can just insert your blog link without clickable means no backlinks. This is suitable for most blog owners.

Before leaving a comment do make sure that your Blogger's profile is made public. And make sure to list your blog link in your Blogger profile. So that people will see your comment and click on your profile and checkout your links in blogger profile from there. It is a moral way to do.

Does Blog Commenting In Blogger Help Seo - Will It Increase Ranking Of Blog

Comment section is good place for interaction between owners and visitiors. So spamming in comments section is a bad moral.

Spamming in comment box is only going to cause your blog's bad reputation. So do not spam in the comments section and use Comments section way better.

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