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How to Block Spam Bot Traffic Sites on Blogger (Block Jingling Traffic)

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Hello viewers How are you I hope you are doing well. Welcome to my blog Tech Aadi.

Did you experienced anytime that you are getting traffic from some another site when you saw you Blogger statistics.

So today we are going to see How to Block Spam Bot Traffic Sites on Blogger (Block Jingling Traffic).

How to Block Spam Bot Traffic Sites on Blogger (Block Jingling Traffic)

Then just know that someone is jealous of your blog and sending all this extra traffic to your blog because of the following reasons.

May be he didn't want to compete with you in a good way because of the content you have or maybe template of your blog or any kind of personal matter.

Or in worst scenario he just wants you blog to be banned by Google adsense if you site is adsens approved. So thats why they just send a loads of traffic to your blog so that adsense may take action upon it.

So don't worry abouth this we are here to provide you the best and good solution for this thing. You don't have to add any code to your template. Follow the below steps for blocking this unwanted traffic from the websites.

How to Block Spam Bot Traffic Sites

Step 1:- Go to the Google Webmaster Site Disclaimer Website here. And now Select property. If you have multiples property select the correct one.

Select property to disavowed links

Click here to read more about this.

Step 2:- Now just create a .txt file in your notepad and enter all the spam website links urls in the .txt file.

Note :- Copy all the URLs and websites that are shown in your Blogger statistics or from the URLs that you don't want to receive any ping.

The format of .txt are given below:

  • The maximum lines is 100,000 (including blank lines and comment lines) and file size is 2 MB.
  • The file must be in text format from notepad only.
  • Filename must end with .txt (Saved by default in notepad)
  • Cannot use sub-urls, such as
  • Maximum URL length is 2048 characters.
  • The maximum file size should only be 100,000 lines and 2 MB.

To reject the website traffic, use the prefix "domain:" followed by the name of domain.

And if you want to reject the website from its URL, then write the complete URL address.

Example below given :

Creating disavowed text file

Step 3:- Now upload the .txt file that we created. By clicking on the Upload disavow list. 

Upload disavow list

Step 4:- If the file you created doens't have any error. It will say that you have blocked a number of rejected domains and URLs. And you will also get updated through mail about this.

Disavowed links status


Replace :- If you want to add more sites just add the sites in the .txt file that you have created and uploaded. After that replace it with the old ones.

Download list :- It will download the list of URLs that you uploaded in .txt file.

Cancel disavowals :- If you want to cancle the URLs you entered simple click the Yes, Cancel disavowals.


Getting a spike in pageviews from other websites is not always because of planting backlinks. The more you plant backlinks, the more people will want to tease your website.

Indeed, your blog seems to be flooded with visitors, but it is nothing more than a cover with the above objectives.

In the worst case, Adsense will assume you are buying traffic in order to increase ad views, and result in a banned account.

Therefore this prevention method is very important for you ad publishers, especially  Adsense users.

Because Adsense is also a direct Google product, which is certainly very sensitive to every data on our website and can easily read every blog pageview data on our website.

Well, therefore this method is highly recommended to make it clear to Google that you "don't need" backlinks or pageviews and the like from these spam websites.

In my opinion, the sustenance has been arranged by the almighty God. For those who often spam traffic to get banned by Adsense, yes, get ready to bear their sins in the afterlife.

So this is all about How to Block Spam Bot Traffic Sites on Blogger (Block Jingling Traffic). I hope you have liked this article. If you got any query do comment below. And visit daily for this kind of updates regularly.

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