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Creating Stylish About Us Page for Blogger with Blog Status

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Hello viewers how are you I hope you are doing well. Welcome to my blog Tech Aadi.

So today we are going to Create Stylish About Us Page for Blogger with Blog Status.

Creating Stylish About Us Page for Blogger with Blog Status

About Us is a much necessary for any blog to let them know about you. And this About Us Page we are going to create will also show the stats of your post and comment and it look very beautiful.

So let's start the process of adding this page. You only have to add some codes in your page. So carefully follow the below given steps so that you can easily create this.

Important!Before starting please backup your blog template for any kind of errror and easy restoration.

Creating Stylish About Us Page

Step 1: First of all Login to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2: On Blogger Dashboard, click Pages.

Step 3: Either create a new page by clicking on icon or click on the existing page to add codes there.

Step 4: Switch to HTML view.

Step 5: Paste the following codes in it and Publish your page.

If your template has a dark mode feature, and if you want a different color when in dark mode, you can customise the codes as per your need. Each template can have a different dark mode class, so please change it, you can replace the marked class with your template dark mode class.

/* About Author Page by Fineshop */
.aAthrP svg{width:18px;height:18px;fill:none !important;stroke:#fefefe;stroke-linecap:round;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-width:1.5;margin-right:7px}
.webSts svg{stroke:#08102b}
.aAdm{padding:60px 0 20px 0}
.aAdm .aAdmC{justify-content:center;position:relative;display:flex;max-width:95%;margin:auto;padding:80px 30px 95px 30px;background-color:#fff;box-shadow:0 10px 40px rgba(149,157,165,.2);border-radius:20px}
.aAdmC img{position:absolute;top:-60px;background-color:#ffeaef;width:120px;height:120px;box-shadow:0 5px 20px rgba(0,0,0,.2);padding:0;border:7px solid #fff;border-radius:50%;pointer-events:none}
.aAdmD p{margin:0;line-height:1.7em}
.aAdmB .btn{display:inline-flex;align-items:center;margin:0;padding:10px 15px;outline:0;border:0;border-radius:50px;line-height:20px;color:#fefefe;background-color:#482dff;font-size:13px;font-family:inherit;text-decoration:none;white-space:nowrap;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%;cursor:pointer;transition:all 0.3s ease}
.aAdmB .btn:hover{opacity:.8;transform:scale(0.97)}
.webStsH{margin:15px auto;text-align:center;font-size:1.7rem;font-weight:700;font-family:inherit}
.webSts{display:flex;flex-wrap:wrap;flex-direction:column;align-items:center;justify-content:center;margin:12px auto}
.webStsC{background-color:#fff;display:flex;justify-content:center;padding:8px;width:95%;margin:12px auto;box-shadow:0 5px 20px rgba(149,157,165,.2);border-radius:20px}
.webStsC .stats{height:80px;width:200px;display:flex;align-items:center;justify-content:center;flex-direction:column;margin:0 35px}
.webStsC .statsNa{display:inline-flex;align-items:center;font-size:16px}
.webStsC .statsNu{font-family:inherit;font-size:30px;margin-top:6px;font-weight:normal}
.darkMode .aAthrP{color:#fefefe}
.darkMode .aAdmC{background-color:#252526;box-shadow:0 10px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.2)}
.darkMode .aAdmC img{background-image:linear-gradient(to top right,#363636,#717171);border-color:#252526;box-shadow:0 10px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.2)}
.darkMode .aAdmB .btn{background-color:#8775f5}
.darkMode .webStsC{background-color:#252526;box-shadow:0 5px 20px rgba(0,0,0,.2)}
.darkMode .webSts svg{stroke:#fefefe}
@media screen and (min-width:641px){.aAdm .aAdmC{max-width:97%} .webSts{flex-direction:row} .webStsC{max-width:46%;margin:12px}}

<script>/*<![CDATA[*/ function webStats(json){document.write(parseInt(json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t,10))} /*]]>*/</script>

<!--[ About Author Page by Fineshop ]-->
<div class='aAthrP'>
  <!--[ About Author ]-->
  <div class='aAdm'>
    <div class='aAdmC'>
      <!--[ Author Profile Picture ]-->
      <img alt='alt_here' src='image_src_here' />
      <!--[ Author Description ]-->
      <div class='aAdmD'>
      <div class='aAdmB'>
        <a class='btn' href='#'>
          <!--[ Button Icon ]-->
          <svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g><path d='M104.10836,259.25648a5.81417,5.81417,0,0,0-8.34755-1.41453.97717.97717,0,0,1-1.17546,0,5.81416,5.81416,0,0,0-8.34752,1.4145,6.84387,6.84387,0,0,0,.137,7.53223c1.93424,2.97966,5.59943,7.87617,8.79824,7.87617s6.864-4.89654,8.79823-7.87618A6.84388,6.84388,0,0,0,104.10836,259.25648Z' transform='translate(-83.17308 -253.66485)'/></g></svg>
          <!--[ Button Text ]-->
          Donate Us
        <a class='btn' href='#'>
          <!--[ Button Icon ]-->
          <svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(2.850300, 2.150000)'><path d='M7.072,19.6583 C3.258,19.6583 1.15463195e-13,19.0813 1.15463195e-13,16.7713 C1.15463195e-13,14.4613 3.237,12.3603 7.072,12.3603 C10.886,12.3603 14.144,14.4413 14.144,16.7503 C14.144,19.0593 10.907,19.6583 7.072,19.6583 Z'/><path d='M7.07200002,9.066 C9.57500002,9.066 11.605,7.036 11.605,4.533 C11.605,2.029 9.57500002,1.50990331e-14 7.07200002,1.50990331e-14 C4.56900002,1.50990331e-14 2.53897,2.029 2.53897,4.533 C2.53000002,7.027 4.54600002,9.057 7.04000002,9.066 L7.07200002,9.066 Z'/><line x1='16.281' y1='5.9791' x2='16.281' y2='9.9891'/><line x1='18.3273' y1='7.9839' x2='14.2373' y2='7.9839'/></g></svg>
          <!--[ Button Text ]-->
          Join Us

  <!--[ Stats Heading ]-->
  <h2 class='webStsH'>Website Stats</h2>

  <!--[ Website Statistics ]-->
  <div class='webSts'>
    <!--[ Posts Stats ]-->
    <div class='webStsC'>
      <div class='stats'>
        <div class='statsNa'>
          <!--[ Icon ]-->
          <svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(2.000000, 2.000000)'><path d='M10.0002,0.7501 C3.0632,0.7501 0.7502,3.0631 0.7502,10.0001 C0.7502,16.9371 3.0632,19.2501 10.0002,19.2501 C16.9372,19.2501 19.2502,16.9371 19.2502,10.0001'/><path d='M17.5285,2.3038 L17.5285,2.3038 C16.5355,1.4248 15.0185,1.5168 14.1395,2.5098 C14.1395,2.5098 9.7705,7.4448 8.2555,9.1578 C6.7385,10.8698 7.8505,13.2348 7.8505,13.2348 C7.8505,13.2348 10.3545,14.0278 11.8485,12.3398 C13.3435,10.6518 17.7345,5.6928 17.7345,5.6928 C18.6135,4.6998 18.5205,3.1828 17.5285,2.3038 Z'/><line x1='13.009' y1='3.8008' x2='16.604' y2='6.9838'/></g></svg>
          <!--[ Stats Name ]-->
        <div class='statsNu'>
          <!--[ Stats Number ]-->
          <script src='/feeds/posts/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=webStats'></script>
    <!--[ Comments Stats ]-->
    <div class='webStsC'>
      <div class='stats'>
        <div class='statsNa'>
          <!--[ Icon ]-->
          <svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(2.000000, 2.000000)'><line x1='13.9394' y1='10.413' x2='13.9484' y2='10.413'/><line x1='9.9304' y1='10.413' x2='9.9394' y2='10.413'/><line x1='5.9214' y1='10.413' x2='5.9304' y2='10.413'/><path d='M17.0710351,17.0698449 C14.0159481,20.1263505 9.48959549,20.7867004 5.78630747,19.074012 C5.23960769,18.8538953 1.70113357,19.8338667 0.933341969,19.0669763 C0.165550368,18.2990808 1.14639409,14.7601278 0.926307229,14.213354 C-0.787154393,10.5105699 -0.125888852,5.98259958 2.93020311,2.9270991 C6.83146881,-0.9756997 13.1697694,-0.9756997 17.0710351,2.9270991 C20.9803405,6.8359285 20.9723008,13.1680512 17.0710351,17.0698449 Z'/></g></svg>
          <!--[ Stats Name ]-->
        <div class='statsNu'>
          <!--[ Stats Number ]-->
          <script src='/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=webStats'></script>

Change the marked parts as per your wish.
Use transparent background image with maximum resolution 480×480px.

Important!Blog Feeds must be enabled to fetch no. of posts and comments.

Now you have completed all the steps and successfully created Stylish and Responsive About Author Page. Please add that page in your template so that visitors can view this page.


So we discussed about Creating Stylish About Us Page for Blogger with Blog Status. I hope you like this article if you got any query kindly do comment below. Do visit our Blog regularly to get this type of article daily.


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  2. hello admin thanks for this guide, is there any possibility to change or replace document.write() script?
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