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How To Use Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template And Free Download

Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template is a template for Safelink blog. This template is used to short your links which is very helpful in nature when it com
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The use of Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template is very simple and easy trick. You can use it by just simply following some stepts given below.

But before we start let's get to know about the ezafe safelink blogger template. Because whenever we use any template we should know about the pros and cons of them and we must have to see the documentation of that template and use it as per that.

How To Use Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template And Free Download

Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template is a template for Safelink blog. This template is used to short your links which is very helpful in nature when it comes to generate more income. Who doesn't want some extra money? This template can give you some extra bucks.

Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template has some best features in it just like auto safelink, anti adblocker, and many more. We have discussed some of the features in below point.

Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template is a safelink template for Blogger. This template is useful to short your links which is very helpful to generate more income. This template has many useful inbuilt features like auto safelink, anti adblocker and many more. We have described some of its features below.

Features of Ezafe Safelink Template

  1. Responsive
  2. Google Testing Tool Validator
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. CryptoJS
  6. Bootstrap 4
  7. Responsive
  8. Fast Load (A|A GTMetrix and Pagespeed Insight)
  9. Support All Device
  10. Top Menu
  11. Random Post
  12. Auto Safelink
  13. Anti Adblock
  14. Anti Disable Script
  15. Support HTTPS
  16. No Encrypt JS
  17. No Footer Credit
  18. Support Ads Sidebar Right / Left
  19. And Many More..

Auto Safelink

To use Auto Safellink, you must enter the code below which aims to change all links to redirect to your Safelink blog.

  1. On Blogger's Dashboard, go to Theme and click on Edit HTML.
  2. Now look for the code </body> and paste the following codes just above to it.
  3. <script type='text/javascript'>
    var setting = {
    exceptionurl : ",,,,,",
    path : "#?o="
    <script src=''></script>
    <script src=';max-results=150&amp;callback=showurl'></script>
  4. Now change the marked part 0000000000000000000 with your safelink blog id.
  5. Save the theme, and see the changes.

Some important things to know before using Ezafe Safelink Blogger Template.

Now, the above script you need to paste on the main blog where you want to add the safelink.

After adding every link on your blog will have to go through the ezafe safelink.

So if you want to exception some url to not to be short. Then you can see there is a marked part of '' you just need to add the domain name. For example if you want to add your website for exception you can do this. Otherwise if you click anywhere on the blog it will go through the safelink.

Yet if you didn't understand anything you can ask them in the comments sections.

I am eager to help you or you can Join our telegram channel and group for getting help in any kind of blogger related.

Download File

Demo Download

This file is password protected. To get password Join Our Telegram Group and type #ezafeishere in the group chat. You will get password within a second.

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