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Five Websites For Free Domains

Everyone wants free websites so here it is Five Websites For Free Domains that will help you to get a free domain name for free and get your dream web
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Hello viewer's so today we are gonna talk about Five Websites For Free Domains. As we know getting free domain is the most desirable task for some peoples. However if you want to create a website in your pocket friendly.

Five websites for free domains

Do you know there are lots of domains in our search engine and spread over internet, including both paid and free ones.

But many people do attract to use a free domain because of many factors. But there is a thing that most of the people don't know that there is many drawback of using a free domain.

Most popular drawback is that your domain name will look very cheap and will not get any popularity.

Your domain name will be different from .com domain that is very popular. But if you want to use it you have to buy it.

So my aim is to provide a knowledge between a free and costly domain. However i am also using a free domain. But just stick to the article and finish it.

Even after that you can also try the free domain method, especially if you are a newbie in this field. So that you don't get drowned in the ocean of search engine.

Are you thinking of how do you get one of the free domain from the five method.

Lets just don't bore you. Here Techaadi will provide you the list for five free domains provider.

Five Websites for free domains are here :


The first thing which came in mind is free so here is which will not only provide you domains but also you will various kinds of domain extension like .tk, .cf, .gq .ml .ga

Did you know there is a small island of Tokelau and .tk used by Freenom is because of that island name. Only 1,500 people live on that small population country.

If you really want a free domain which is good you should use the .tk domain of Freenom because it came under fifth largets domain extension in the world.


As you know Freenom provides .tk because of the island. is also based on one of the company which operate from Tokelau island.

You can also get free .tk domains extension through domain. is running its services from 2001 and providing domains.

But we did explain some drawbacks of free domain. As an example when you use the server is very slow sometimes.

3. is one of the domians provider that not provides domains but also hosting for free of cost.

This domain name provide mainly provide domain extension. So bsically the domain will look like "".

 They are doing business from 2006. So if you are not bothered with this domain name. You can use this domain free of cost.

4. TMD Hosting

When comes to security this TMD Hosting is the most reliable in free dodomains. This domain also offer speed through it network.

Not only you can use a free domain but also you can buy there hosting from several hosting packages for the security reason of your website so that your website will be more secure.


Yeah i know its name is similar likely to bitly the url shortner. But is a domain name provider.

When you are getting a free domain for your website you can consider this provider too for using. usually provides short domain name with ending as which does means business. If you use this namely then your website domian name will look like this ''.

The interface of the domain provider is quite simple and easy to use for beginners who just came to know about domains etc. This domain service provider is providing free domain services from 2002.


So here you go. This is all about the Five Website For Free Domains. You can try this as a beginner's but i won't recommended it because I already told you that free domains comes with a number of drawbacks.

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