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Does Hyper Linking in Quora Answers Will Make Blogger Website Rank?

Hyper Linking in Quora Answers Will not cause any blog to rank because of the nofollow attribute followed by quora to all links.
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So Hello fellas, Welcome to Tech Aadi so today we are going to talk about Does Hyper Linking in Quora Answers Will Make Blogger Website Page Ranked? The answers to the question is discussed below so don't go anywhere. Just take a nap and read the full article to know about it.

Does Hyper Linking in Quora Answers Will Make Blogger Website Rank?

Here the short answer for the questions is no, because creating backlink on quora answers does not rank your blog. But if you can use quora perfectly you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. You can't imagine.

Quora is the most popular questions and answers (Q&A) forum in world. The fact here is according to the Rank checker Alexa, quora is ranking on 85 in India.

Quora is similarly like Reditt but it is used for moslty question and answers. Wiyh any kind of knowledge everyone is welcome to participate. And you know i personally use quora and find it quite funny. You can follow me on the Blogger's Quest space.

Blogger's Quest Quora

Quora is a great souce of traffic for blogger. According to SEMrush traffic analysis, wuora is used by more than 296 million of unique user around the globe and counting more. Quora is the best platform to get questions and answers asked by millions of people can be used to create unique articles.

Aftermost quora backling doesn't give any push to the blog rankings. Bul although one can get and generate a lot of traffic to your blog.

The reason Why Hyper Linking in Quora doesn't increase blog rankings

Hyper Linking is a most common used word for baclink or outbound link. However google rank blog is determined by one of the reasons that is how backlinks are created. And did you know that not all backlinks affect ours page rank.

Backlink is a link which is determined by it's link attribute. There are many types of link attributes and every attributes is different form of effect.

Now as we have discussed about backlinks so we are going to elaborate 2methods of Backlink which is most commonly used as backlinks metodhs.

The two methods are described below :

  • Dofollow Backlinks
  • Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Baclinks is Best for Blog Ranking and Most Valuable

Dofollow links are those link where there is no attribute and it is a regular link. Dofollow Backlinks are best because it affect blog ranking.

Have you ever noticed when we insert a link in Blogger's post or anywhere. When it's get into html it's look like this :

<a href="">displayed text</a>

Same just like this if any other users inserts our blog link in their posts without any attritube which is dofollow, we can get a rank boost. Google will see these as a valuable Blog because we are getting reference from others blogs.

For example, when i used your any one article to give reference in my post to credit your work without any attritube it is taken as dofollow backlink and it will increase your blog reputation and rankings.

Nofollow Backlinks is neither Good nor Bad it is Neutral

Suppose i want to insert a link of your blog and mention it but without have an effect in ranking, therefore i can select the option of rel='nofollow' attritube given there in blog post.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">displayed text</a>
Nofollow Backlinks

With nofollow attribute link it doesn't affect the blogs rank. The nofollow link let the google know about what you want. The nofollow attribute is neither good nor bad.

Quora all hyperlinks are followed by nofollow attribute because of spam related issues.

Even if you are inserting a link in your answer section of quora. It will automatically become nofollow attribute in that answer.

Quora do this because if they don't do this many Blogger's will spam there and it will downgraded the quora value.

But even though quora is having nofollow attributes in their backlinks. You can use that for getting good amount of traffic and upvotes.

How to use Nofollow Backlink of Quora

If you your link inside quora answers it will not cause any Blog Ranking but your blog will get the familarity of exposure.

Nofollow Backlink of Quora is still no use of google. But it still usefull for people because a reader can visit your blog after clicking on quora backlink.

In Quora if you have written answers and the answer get good amount of upvotes then it will be recommended to other users and more and more people can visit your blog from there.

To get upvote and recommended from wuora users. The main key is to write the best answers and then you can insert link of your blog in the answers.

Try to not use same link again and again otherwise quora will block you.

So this is it. Make sure to comment on this article below and tell me how your were using the nofollow links till now. And go and answers the question in Quora.

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